Convergint sees record growth in 20th anniversary year


Convergint has announced it has achieved record company growth and strong momentum headed into the second half of 2021. The $1.7B global company has closed over 45 acquisitions since 2001, 7 within the past year, significantly deepening Convergint’s vertical market expertise across the healthcare and financial sectors.

The company’s continued growth enables the expansion of their digital transformation solution offerings, helping to maintain an innovative edge and knowledge base in response to evolving technology trends. In parallel to broadening services, Convergint has increased its global foothold to more than 150 locations and 6,500+ colleagues worldwide, with plans for expansion across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

“We are incredibly proud of Convergint’s growth and momentum as we embark on this next chapter. Our success to date would not be possible without the support and alignment from our colleagues, customers, and the communities we serve,” said Tony Varco, Vice President, Convergint. “Over the past twenty years, the world around us and how we operate has evolved. Our new visual identity exemplifies the evolution of our company, honouring our traditions and ambitions for the future.”

Since inception, Convergint’s guiding principles have helped foster a culture of service and giving, both internally and externally in the communities they serve. The company recently launched Convergint Cares, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit, extending the company’s social responsibility efforts globally, supporting nonprofit entities throughout underserved communities, and providing educational, financial assistance to the families of U.S.-based colleagues. The company’s charitable initiatives include projects such as, the National Mall Donation, where Convergint, along with 11 industry partners, donated and deployed a $3.3+ million dollar security system to the National Park Service to boost safety and situational awareness for the National Mall and surrounding monuments and memorials.

“Our company is built around service, and when Convergint was founded, we knew we needed to differentiate our culture and invest in our people,” added Varco. “Our Values and Beliefs are non-negotiable. They are our guiding principles, and therefore, you can go anywhere in the world and receive the same service and commitment. Convergint is destined for continued success, and our colleagues are our most valuable asset to helping us reach our goals.”