Vincennes city deploys Assa Abloy’s programmable electronic keys for safer, smarter access control


Running a unified locking system for multiple municipal services may bring operational efficiencies. However, if the system is based on mechanical locks, it can also create time-consuming headaches. When keys go missing, for example, or user access requirements change, mechanical security does not have the flexibility to adapt quickly.

For this reason, Vincennes city administrators sought a modern, electronic replacement for a master-key system whose lock-chart ran to 4,000 keys. Several locations around Vincennes — among them schools, nurseries, and the Town Hall elevator — relied on this complex locking solution. The costs and risk when keys went missing had become a growing logistical burden.

Vincennes officials tasked their city security director with finding a more responsive solution: An electronic locking system that is easy to install; does not require power to be cabled to every door or lock; and gives municipal staff the ability to tailor access rights for different people, to trace keyholder and lock interactions and to amend or revoke permissions when required. They also needed an established, trusted security partner able to offer all the necessary training and system support.

“A wired access control system was rejected because it required too much work to bring the power to each door,” says Fabrice Pain, Director at the Municipal Technical Centre. “Now eCLIQ provides us access control without wiring at all.” Interior and exterior doors at buildings including the Hôtel de Ville, 11 nurseries, 12 schools, and the Municipal Technical Centre are equipped with more than 650 programmable, electronic eCLIQ cylinders. Almost 1,000 battery-powered eCLIQ programmable keys have been issued to authorised staff.

With eCLIQ, lost keys no longer threaten building security: They can simply be blacklisted by the city’s central eCLIQ management software, which saves the money spent on replacing mechanical locks. And because every key, lock, or user may be audited at any time, thefts from public property have dropped.

The eCLIQ cylinder range brings almost any opening into an access system. Robust, durable eCLIQ locks can protect lifts, machines, mailboxes, cabinets, and more with the same security as sensitive doors. Certified and available in multiple sizes and formats — including the EURO format first patented by an ASSA ABLOY Group brand nearly 100 years ago — eCLIQ cylinders maintain security and regulatory compliance across the city. During installation, no wiring or cabling was needed at the doors. A standard battery inside every programmable eCLIQ key powers the electronics inside the lock. Every authorised building user brings their own power to the door.

Now, the city security team issues granular access to everyone who needs it and only where they need it from a single admin point. The new solution is popular with school and municipal staff, especially since a successful implementation of Vincennes’ integrated Vigipirate plan, in which eCLIQ plays an important role.

With eCLIQ, Vincennes has found a security solution to match their image as a young, dynamic, tech-savvy place to live and work. More important still, eCLIQ key-based electronic access control has simplified security management and solved their lost key problem.