VPS announces launch of JCB Alert Tower: Innovative, wireless alarm technology


VPS, the company that protects people, property and assets on a temporary or emergency basis, are delighted to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the JCB Alert Tower – the most flexible, easily deployable alarm tower in its range.

Simple to transport and installed in minutes, the JCB Alert Tower provides a mobile, wireless, video-verified alarm with beam detectors which can be used as a stand-alone system, or seamlessly integrated with other VPS Site Security products, providing a comprehensive solution to protect vacant property, construction or remote sites.

With a range of up to 14m in daylight and 12m at night-time, in addition the Alert Tower can be easily fitted with additional security, siren and safety systems to provide a bespoke customer solution.

Housed in a bright, robust, bespoke design, packed with state of the art technologies, this entry level tower introduces game-changing flexibility for areas, inside or out, where there is no surrounding infrastructure.

Deliberately housed in bright yellow casing to provide an on-site deterrent, the JCB Alert Tower contains the VPS Alert Cam, a state of the art, armoured, video verified PIR camera system. On trigger the VPS Alert Cam captures a 10 second full colour video clip which is automatically transferred to the VPS Monitoring Centre for verification. The camera is self-powered by a 2-year battery, is contained in a waterproof casing and utilises infrared illumination. The camera deploys GPRS RF wireless communications enabling installation almost anywhere