Siemens launches space saving fire safety system


With Sinorix Compact, the Siemens Building Technologies division is launching a complete fire safety system for enclosures with a volume of up to 120 m³, such as small data centres, server or electrical switching rooms. As a space-saving, cost-efficient solution, Sinorix Compact combines all fire safety disciplines, from detection, alarming, and control to extinguishing, in a single cabinet. It is designed to be easy to install, commission and maintain.

The components of the Sinorix Compact include an aspirating smoke detector, the Sinorix Silent Nozzle and the Novec 1230 fluid, a chemical extinguishing agent from 3M. The integrated FDA221 aspirating smoke detector continuously draws air samples from the room and tests them for smoke particles. As a result, even hidden smoldering fires can be reliably detected early on. In case of fire, the Sinorix Silent Nozzle distributes the extinguishing agent evenly and especially quiet into the protected area, thereby ensuring disturbance free operation of hard disk drives. The Novec 1230 chemical extinguishing agent is non-conductive and non-corrosive, which makes it ideal for extinguishing fires in rooms filled with sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. At the same time, Novec 1230 is safe for both the environment and people. These components are controlled and monitored by the integrated XC10 fire detection and extinguishing control panel, which initiates extinguishing quickly and reliably when a fire alarm is triggered. Sinorix Compact also has a flashing alarm light and an alarm device for warning people in the room.

All components are delivered preinstalled and prewired in a cabinet that resembles a server rack and are ready for use without a great deal of installation work. If necessary, additional conventional fire detectors and an extinguishing nozzle for raised floors can be added to Sinorix Compact. The solution can also be integrated into larger fire detection or even danger management systems.