Nortek Security & Control to rebrand as Nortek Control


Nortek Security & Control has announced that it is rebranding the organization as “Nortek Control” as part of an effort to bring the company’s subsidiaries together under a new, modern name. According to CEO Christopher Larocca, though security is and will continue to be a major part of the company’s focus, they thought it was time that their name reflected all the different markets they serve compared to what the brand implied.

Larocca, who joined Nortek earlier this year after spending much of his career in the high-tech space, says that while the company was “rich and deep” in technology with brands such as 2GIG, Linear, GoControl, IntelliVision, Elan, and Numera in its portfolio, he thought that its messaging was a bit “dated.”

From an internal perspective, Bruce Mungiguerra, Nortek’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, says they have joined some of their sales teams together as a part of the move which should make their lines of communication much simpler.

Additionally, Larocca does not believe removing “security” from their name will have a detrimental impact on how integrators view the organization since most of them think of Nortek’s individual brands rather than the parent company. “The relationship that our customers have with the business is really brand-specific,” he says. “Our dealers know us as 2GIG or as Elan or Numera. They don’t really associate too much with the Nortek name, so in a lot of ways this is really a rebranding for employees and maybe some of the bigger companies that deal with multiple brands of ours.”