Hikvision And iThermAI Work Together To Provide Ai-Based Fire And Smoke Detection Solutions


Hikvision announces a new technology partnership with iThermAI, a Belgium-based AI company. This collaboration will bring advanced fire and smoke detection capabilities to more users, helping to protect businesses and assets.

iThermAI develops AI-driven algorithms that rapidly identify potential fire and smoke incidents using live feeds from security cameras, without the need for direct contact with heat or smoke. This technology promises peace of mind for high-risk environments, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and waste collection and recycling sites. Early detection of smoke and fire risks enables site managers or security teams to take measures quickly, minimising the impacts for staff, equipment, and installations.

Using Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) 2.0, iThermAI has embedded its algorithms directly into a wide range of Hikvision cameras. These include:

● Hikvision 4K cameras with DarkFighterS technology
which guarantee imaging clarity in even the most challenging lighting conditions.
● Hikvision bi-spectrum thermal cameras
which combines sharp video capture with precise temperature tracking.

The Hikvision cameras ensure that high-quality videos and images are always available for iThermAI’s algorithms to analyse. In the event of a fire, alarms are reported to a video management system, such as HikCentral Professional, at the monitoring centre.

Amir Jahanshahi, CEO at iThermAI, says, “Traditional fire systems can’t always detect fire or smoke quickly enough, especially in large warehouses or buildings where heat or smoke detectors are located high in the ceiling, or in outdoor or semi-outdoor locations where wind is a factor. We can address these issues by capturing real-time images from the site, instantly processing them in Hikvision HEOP-enabled cameras, and then pushing the alarm to software systems for alarm management and video verification.”

Adler Wu, Global Technology Partner Alliance Manager at Hikvision, says, “By integrating iThermAI’s tailored AI technology with Hikvision’s exceptional products, we demonstrate our dedication to ensuring the precise identification of fire threats in many scenarios. This powerful alliance is expected to bring situational awareness and enhanced security to all our users.”