New Johnson Controls FX90 supervisory controller maximises building automation performance, reliability and flexibility


Johnson Controls, the global pioneer for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, launches the Facility Explorer FX90 Supervisory Controller, packed with unique, advanced features to make building automation easier, smarter and more cost-efficient.

The FX90 represents the next generation of Facility Explorer supervisory controllers designed to streamline and automate workflows to increase building automation performance with minimal maintenance.

“Every aspect of the FX90 controller was designed with the user in mind,” said Kaishi Zhang, global vice president of product management, Building Automation Systems and Controls at Johnson Controls. “From start-up and commissioning to its responsive user interface and the highly scalable design, the FX90 simplifies each process to drive building performance now and in the future.”

This latest evolution of the Facility Explorer platform delivers unmatched additional value with more than 20 exclusive productivity tools within the FX Appliance built on top of the proven Niagara Framework®.
These enable system integrators to quickly establish a system configuration database in minutes using automatic tagging, auto-generated 3D graphics and more to save time and money. The IoT-embedded controller seamlessly connects as many as 200 equipment controllers, creating a robust control supervision and network management system.

The FX90 features a one-size-fits-all hardware platform with modular accessories and flexible device/point licencing that enables it to handle building automation jobs of any size and complexity. Some of the key benefits of the FX90 controller include:
● Creates powerful, future-ready buildings: Increased computing power with 2 GB memory and 8 GB storage provides faster boot-up and station startup, quicker data access and decision making along with plenty of storage for backups, point history and future upgrades.
● Seamless integration: FX Workbench Import Managers and N2 protocol drivers enable easy integrations, including added support for the TEC3000 Series Thermostat Controller.
● Maximises scalability: The controller scales from basic to complex applications with a single hardware platform, using orderable devices and point licencing. Licence upgrades can be purchased as future needs arise.
● Enhanced user experience: An optimised graphical user interface makes operation easier to help reduce the learning curve and human error.

The FX90 Supervisory Controller replaces the legacy FX80 controller, which will be phased out in 2025. The FX90 uses the same footprint, wiring connection location and orientation as the FX80, and is fully compatible with all existing expansion modules to enable a seamless drop-in replacement or upgrade. Future-proofing the system now allows for a long operational life and makes future updates easier.