Vigitron is awarded patent for its camera installation tools


Vigitron, Inc., the pioneering manufacturer of networking products designed for security applications, has announced that it has been awarded patent US 11,777,752 B2 for its product line of PoE test equipment. The patent covers the Vi0021, Vi00021U, Vi00022, Vi00023, and Vi000023L Camera installation tools.

The Vi0021 and Vi00021U provide a reliable method for displaying PoE voltage and power to a PoE Camera. They use the network PoE power and provide a wired connection for viewing video. The Vi00022 provides all the above features plus a WiFi connection for video viewing.
The Vi00023 and Vi00023L are the industry’s smallest, lightweight combination of portable PoE sources with a display of PoE voltage and power to the PoE camera. They provide both wired and WiFi connections for viewing video. They can easily clip onto a belt providing hands free for installation. The Vi00023’s battery is removable and comes with fast charges and an extra battery for long hours of operation.

“This patent is another testament to Vigitron’s ongoing commitment to meet the evolving and unique networking requirements in the security industry,” said Neil Heller, Vigitron’s VP of Business Development.

Heller added: “Knowing you have the right PoE source and if your transmission media can transmit the required PoE, is key to time-efficient installations and system troubleshooting in the best interest of both installers and their customers.”

“Vigitron’s engineering efforts are dedicated to the development of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective products that align with the increasing demand for innovative security solutions.’’