Smiths wins TSA contract for $96.8 M


Smiths Detection Inc. has received a $96.8m award from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for its Hi-Scan 6040 CTiXs, computed tomography (CT) 3-D scanners. This multi-year contract was awarded under the TSA Advanced Technology X-ray programme which aims to improve aviation efficiencies, passenger experiences and security.

The CTiX is Smiths Detection’s latest innovation in checkpoint security, able to automatically detect threats. It examines baggage contents from every angle, generating precise 3D images to provide greater capability for TSA officers. According to Smiths Detection, CTiX is also engineered to be easily upgraded to support TSA’s vision for future procurements, including advanced algorithm development and integration with automated screening lanes.

Smiths Detection previously has supplied screening technology to TSA, including carry-on and hold-baggage X-rays as well as trace detection technology. Shan Hood, President of SDI said, “Smiths Detection’s expertise and global strength enables us to deliver on regulator, airport and airline needs today while helping to position them for the future”.

The CTiX is a key component of Smiths Detection’s advanced integrated and risk-based screening solutions, which includes the I-Lane, a sophisticated checkpoint lane that automatically separates suspicious belongings and Checkpoint.Evo Plus, a digital platform enabling remote screening and business management tools.