Matrix Comsec provides central monitoring solutions and secures Nashik railway station during Kumbh Mela


Kumbh Mela is one of the most sacred pilgrimage festivals of India and is organised at a grand scale at Nasik, Haridwar, Ujjain and Prayag. As Kumbh Mela is celebrated after a period of 12 years in Nashik, 100 million people visit, and therefore security is a major concern for the Government bodies.

Railway stations are highly congested areas.
So, one of Matrix Comsec’s biggest challenges was to install devices and set up a control room for monitoring railway station entrances, platforms and connecting bridges at the busy Nashik railway station. Moreover, a restricted bandwidth for the video surveillance solution made the entire process all the more challenging. And lastly, the authorities also wanted the storage of the entire 4 month period as evidential proof.

Matrix used its unique Cascading feature to connect all the devices with sequencing for central monitoring on TVs in the control room to reduce the overall solution cost. Also, Matrix Comsec provided 4-months scheduled backup of all cameras configured centrally for storing all the streams.

Moreover, Matrix Comsec completed the entire installation within 20 days with the help of highly skilled manpower. Being an Indian brand, efficient pre-sales and post-sales support was already a part of the solution. Matrix left no stone unturned in making sure that the visitors suffered no hassles during their Kumbh Mela visit. To facilitate this, Matrix Comsec secured the Entry & Exit from the city with their 24*7 Video Surveillance solution.

This led to enhanced security and smooth execution of the event. Moreover, the solution was highly cost-effective as the need for security manpower was replaced with centralised monitoring of all locations. Due to the use of IP cameras, the wiring cost of such an extensive installation was also reduced. So, all in all, Matrix’s complete Video Surveillance solution was a highly efficient and cost-effective one.

Products Used included SATATYA HVR1624P; SATATYA CIBR13FL40CW; SATATYA CIDR13FL40CW; SATATYA CIDRP20VL130CW and SATATYA Centralised Monitoring Software (CMS)