LENSEC launches perspective VMS Version 4.4.1 that will provide users access to integrations with intrusion


LENSEC, the provider of IP-based video surveillance management, announces the release of its perspective VMS Version 4.4.1 that will provide users access to integrations with intrusion, access control, and video surveillance companies and the ability to pair critical video data with input sensors from access control and intrusion detection platforms. In consecutive months, LENSEC has released Version 4.4.0 and 4.4.1 to allow customers access to a broad array of new features and integrations within its Unified Security Management Platform.

Perspective VMS® (PVMS) is the central component of a security management platform, allowing users to access critical security and business operations data via a video-centric interface, pairing live or archived video data feeds with various integrated security or building automation components.

The release of PVMS 4.4 allows users access to new and/or improved integrations with DMP (Intrusion and Access Control), Open Options’ DNA Fusion Access Control, CredoID Access Control, RS2 Access It! Access Control, and Axis Body Worn Camera Systems. The PVMS 4.4 release also introduces new methods of archive video playback leveraging WebAssembly (Wasm) for large megapixel cameras with higher frame rates, allowing for faster archive playback and review. Several user interface modifications were made as well to improve the overall user experience for novice and advanced users. A complete list of features can be found on LENSEC’s website.

“PVMS 4.4.x allows users an improved opportunity to take advantage of integrated sub-systems, pairing critical video data with input sensors from various access control platforms and intrusion detection,” says LENSEC’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kellick. “Of note, the integration with the Axis Body Worn Camera system is a huge benefit to districts or municipalities leveraging video evidence on behalf of their officers and staff with the ability for retrieval and review directly within Perspective VMS.”

“This integration also allows for a combination of evidence data points within a single interface. Along with the body camera video, users or operators have side-by-side (synchronised) access to additional body cameras, fixed cameras, PTZ cameras, audio, as well as integrated sensor data, all of which allows for a more complete investigation of events.” Perspective VMS® Version 4.4 is available for download now. Existing users can contact their systems integrators for support or upgrades of their current version.