Ksenia Lares 4 upgrade integrates with Videx Ipure


Ksenia Security has released the latest new update of its IoT Lares 4.0 control panel, and it now allows the integration with the Videx Ipure videophone system, making the Ergo-T Pro keypad a unique control element for all home systems.

Raffaele Di Crosta, Founder and CEO of Ksenia Security enthusiastically says: “From the beginning, we have deliberately developed a control panel, which is open to integrations with third-party systems, and the one with Videx for the Ipure videophone system is now a big new addition to the Lares 4.0 ecosystem. It allows us even retroactively on already running installations to carry out the function of “indoor monitor” on our Ergo-T Pro, making the number of possible advanced solutions with a single control panel more and more incredible.”

Edoardo Marcantoni, Executive Manager of Videx Electronics S.p.A. states: “I am extremely pleased and satisfied to start a partnership with Ksenia, aimed at the integration of our respective systems. It is a great opportunity that sees two manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy united to offer cutting-edge technological solutions to their customers and consumers.”