Hochiki Europe FIREscape lighting system


This unique system integrates intelligent, addressable fire detection and emergency lighting technology to provide an intelligent way-finding solution. In the event of a fire, a traditional emergency lighting system does not facilitate signs to be ‘shut off’, allowing people to walk directly into the path of danger. By responding to information sent from the fire detectors FIREscape+ puts an illuminated red ‘X’ on appropriate emergency signs, advising people not to exit via that particular route and ensures a safer exit path.

*Extra Low Voltage
Less than 5% energy consumption compared to traditional lighting
Unique intelligent addressable technology allows control and testing of individual luminaires
*LED Technology
Low carbon emissions – less than 5% CO2 compared to traditional lighting
*Low Maintenance
Less than 5% lamp changes when compared to traditional lighting
*Graphics Software
Allows instant overview of complete system and assists in maintenance tasks
*Simple Installation
Luminaires fit onto the standard Hochiki Europe sensor mounting base