Hikvision enhances operational capability and efficiency at Spinner’s Pizza, NC


A security camera provided by Hikvision USA Inc. was installed by Holmes Security to help Spinner’s Pizza in Fayetteville, NC to improve efficiency.

Established in 1999, Spinner’s Pizza is a popular restaurant with a dedicated following and a very busy lunch crowd. Owner Spero Poulos thought of using a “Pizza Cam” to streamline operations during their busiest times. “Holmes Security had installed Hikvision cameras for security in and around the restaurant. We decided, why not use it for the service efficiency and accuracy?” said Poulos.

The restaurant owner needed to improve efficiency. The combination of a camera with a kitchen monitor “keeps the staff from running to the buffet just to check what needs to be cooked.” Poulos noted that when staff members leave the kitchen they’re “invariably stopped by customers and friends that want to chat. That can slow down the replenishment process.”

Spinner’s analog and IP hybrid system includes mini domes, bullets and turret cameras. Holmes Security recommended and installed the Hikvision DS-2CE56D5T 1080p Turbo HD-TVI Turret camera for the buffet to deliver HD quality over the existing coax cabling. The turret camera is positioned to capture the entire line of pizzas on the buffet. “We’re able to keep the buffet full at all times. When someone is on a tight lunch break, the last thing you want them to do is wait for their food. With the Hikvision camera in place, they no longer have to wait,” said Poulos. The Pizza Cam enables the operation to be run from the kitchen monitor with no downtime.

“Heat tolerance was a big consideration based on the camera’s position in relation to the buffet itself. The specs showed that the Hikvision camera’s operating temperature range was 22 below to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so we knew it could withstand the heat,” Dave Foster, sales and marketing manager for Holmes Security, told Hikvision.

Holmes Security is a 109-year old, family-owned company. They use Hikvision cameras because “we have found over time that Hikvision provides higher quality, is easier to install, program and maintain. Tech support is great, and the software is consistent as well. Plus, we have great reps and a great rapport with Hikvision personnel,” said Foster.

Holmes Security positioned the camera to the upper right of the buffet to capture the entire line of pizzas. Spinner’s kitchen staff can now see the entire buffet from a monitor in the kitchen, allowing the chefs to stay ahead of customer demand.

Poulos adds that he gets “comments all the time about what a great idea it is. The customers especially like the fact that they don’t have to wait for new pizzas to be placed on the buffet.”

Spinner’s Pizza is delivering a better experience to its customers by keeping its buffet stocked with fresh pizza. Monitoring the Hikvision Turbo HD-TVI Turret camera from the kitchen improved efficiency since staff do not have to run out to the food line to check the status. The system allows servers to concentrate on serving. The Hikvision Pizza Cam delivers ease of operations for the restaurant staff, owner, and patrons.