Hanwha Techwin installs Wisenet cameras for cannabis dispensary


Peake ReLeaf is a local and independently-owned medical cannabis dispensary facility, located in Rockville, Maryland. Through its recently-opened, 4,200-square-foot facility, the company provides a wide range of cannabis and cannabis-infused products to patients with a valid medical marijuana certification, to treat a variety of qualifying conditions such as anorexia, cachexia, chronic or severe pain, glaucoma, PTSD, seizures, severe nausea, and severe or persistent muscle spasms.

While Peake ReLeaf faces the ordinary challenges of any small business as a cannabis dispensary, it is also subject to a number of stringent Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) regulations, which include strict requirements for video surveillance that dictate video quality, system performance, storage and other factors.

After much research, they decided to contract Skyline Technology Solutions for their surveillance system because of their transparency, robust IT background and previous experience with medical marijuana facilities. Based on the regulatory needs and many conversations about how they wanted their business to operate, Skyline recommended that Peake Releaf install cameras from Hanwha Techwin America to secure both the interior and exterior of the facility.

For indoor use, Skyline installed Wisenet QND-6010R vandal-resistant dome cameras that offer picture clarity so facial features could be easily identified. For outdoor use, Peake ReLeaf chose the Wisenet QNV-7080R cameras that provide 4-megapixel image quality with true wide dynamic range (WDR), motion detection, defocus detection and tampering detection at an affordable price.

Both camera models, Wisenet QND-6010R and Wisenet QNV-7080R cameras come integrated with WiseStream II compression technology that can reduce bandwidth by 50%.
WiseStream II compression technology dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image resulting in far less bandwidth and storage requirements. This allowed Peake ReLeaf to meet the MMCC storage requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Since the dispensary’s opening, Hanwha cameras have continuously provided the performance and capabilities to ensure Peake ReLeaf remains in compliance with the strict MMCC requirements, even as they continue to evolve moving forward.

The Hanwha cameras have made it easier to identify and view video thanks to their ability to flag video based on motion or other factors using onboard video analytics. “Hanwha cameras offer us the video quality we need, and the cameras’ video analytic and other capabilities provide us with the flexibility that will allow us to quickly adapt to the inevitable regulatory changes that will come as we navigate this very new industry in Maryland,” said Nate Miller, one of the founding members and Peake ReLeaf’s Executive Vice President.