Fingerprint Cards AB and Sentry Enterprises enter into a licence agreement for Fingerprints’ software platform for access


Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints™) and Sentry Enterprises, a US-based manufacturer of converged biometric identification solutions, have entered into a global licence agreement for Fingerprints’ software platform for access, FPC-BEP, as well as a volume agreement for the FPC T-Shape® sensor module to incorporate into its SentryCard™ security credential.

The agreement features converged biometric credentials for physical and logical access to address the increased market demand for enhanced security across every industry, including financial institutions, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. The SentryCard replaces standalone biometric solutions while leveraging the existing infrastructure for physical access control, supporting multiple industry standard protocols. With enrolled fingerprint biometrics stored and then matched on the physical card, the SentryCard supports compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations as well as broader privacy standards addressing the key concerns of security professionals.

“We chose biometric technology from Fingerprints as it is the leading biometrics company with proven and cutting-edge biometric performance. Our collaboration is wide ranging from product design and integration to system design and manufacturing,” said Mark Bennett, President and CEO of Sentry Enterprises. “We are pleased to collaborate with Sentry Enterprises and to see our sensors and software continuing to gain new ground within the access control market, where there is an increased demand for secure, convenient and trusted biometric solutions,” said Michel Roig, SVP Business Line Payment & Access at Fingerprints.

With PINs and passwords offering a poor user experience, as well as being susceptible to compromise, more secure and seamless access and authentication methods are now in high demand and on the agendas of large multinational enterprises to keep the workplace safe in a more convenient and cost-effective way, both for physical access and to login to corporate systems and applications.