Google Pay Security Warning: Never Use These Apps While Making UPI Payments


When it comes to UPI transactions, Google Pay stands out as one of the most reliable and secure methods–which is why it is also among the most popular options. To maintain this level of security, it has implemented guardrails such as artificial intelligence and fraud prevention technology. These measures are used to identify fraudulent transactions in real-time.

However, it cannot be present at all times, and in specific use cases, a scammer or another malicious entity may exploit certain apps, such as ‘Screen Sharing’ apps, to gain access to your banking details. In fact, Google has cautioned users against using these apps while making transactions on Google Pay.

While these apps can be useful for remote assistance and collaboration in a work environment, nefarious entities can sometimes deceive users into installing them. In doing so, they can acquire banking information while users are transacting.

“Google Pay never asks you to download or install a third-party app for any reason. If you downloaded these apps, before you use Google Pay, make sure that they’re closed,” notes Google.

“If someone posed as a Google Pay representative and instructed you to download these apps, uninstall and delete them immediately. You can also report this issue to Google Pay,” it added.

These apps enable another user to observe activities on someone else’s screen and, depending on the device, even take control. So, imagine if a scammer has tricked you into installing one of these apps without your knowledge. When you proceed to enter your UPI pin, you can grasp what would happen, right?

Therefore, avoid using these remote viewing, screen-sharing apps if you have no need for them. However, if they are necessary for your work, do not open them while making transactions, viewing banking data, OTPs, and more.