Hikvision Traffic Visualization Dashboard helps traffic managers make faster and better real-time traffic management decisions


In modern crowded cities, effective traffic management is critical for reducing congestion and preventing accidents. With the Hikvision Traffic Visualization Dashboard, traffic managers can view historical and real-time traffic information, helping them make the best decisions and improve outcomes for road users and residents.

Cities around the world are experiencing major traffic management challenges related to congestion, air pollution, slow journey times, and increased road accidents. With 68% of people expected to live in cities by 2050 (compared to 55% currently) and tough demands for sustainability and lower emissions, the challenges are set to increase exponentially.
In an attempt to keep traffic flowing and to maximise road safety, many cities are investing in roadside infrastructure to monitor traffic conditions, including cameras and sensors at key junctions. However, with no way to convert vast quantities of traffic data into actionable insights, this kind of infrastructure can rarely support effective strategic and real-time traffic responses.

To help authorities overcome their immediate and longer-term traffic management challenges, Hikvision has created the Traffic Visualization Dashboard. This dashboard integrates data from roadside cameras and sensors, and displays it to traffic management teams, via an immersive and map-based interface. With options to overlay historical and real-time traffic data on either a 2D or 3D map, this Hikvision solution gives traffic managers fast and easy access to the information that they need.

The dashboard can also be customised quickly and easily, allowing teams to focus on the traffic information that is most important to them, from vehicle counting and congestion information to traffic incidents and violations, such as drivers who break the speed limit, drive without their seat belts fastened, or run red lights.

Key benefits of the Traffic Visualization Dashboard:

• Optimised traffic management decisions – The Hikvision Traffic Visualization Dashboard solution combines historical and real-time traffic data, to help managers understand key traffic trends, thereby enabling them to make better planning decisions.

In particular, the Traffic Visualization Dashboard can support better decisions on which kinds of traffic management policies and solutions to implement, from signal optimisation to access management solutions, and congestion charging schemes. By helping traffic managers to make better long-term planning decisions, the Traffic Visualization Dashboard can help to tackle traffic issues, such as traffic congestion and other negative impacts of excessive traffic.

As well as helping to inform long-term traffic planning, the Hikvision solution helps teams to identify and respond to traffic incidents, and violations in near real-time. This helps to keep key corridors on the road network as clear as possible, helping to speed up journey times for road users.

The solution provides 2D and 3D map options that model junctions and traffic corridors accurately, and to scale. The map-based interface provides a fully immersive experience that allows traffic and incident managers to quickly spot congestion and to detect traffic incidents, and violations in different areas of the city, all in a matter of seconds.
With no need to generate reports to understand real-time traffic conditions and ongoing traffic trends, managers can also make faster, better informed decisions, in order to help optimise traffic flow and public safety.

Key features of the Hikvision Traffic Visualization Dashboard:

• Immersive 2D or 3D map-based interface for traffic insights ‘at a glance’
• Simple configuration for specific use cases, including congestion management and traffic violation management