European Fire & Security Group with new brand identity


The European Fire and Security Group has further developed its brand identity and appears in a fresh and more modern design. The repositioning primarily includes a new logo, an expressive colour scheme, and a completely revised website as a central information platform.

In addition to an expanded content offering, customer documents, such as registration forms, certification documents, or customer guides, can be found there with a new logo and an updated design.

“The revamped brand identity aims to make EFSG more visible, to bring it closer to the relevant sectors and, in doing so, to emphasise its values, security, trustworthiness, and reliability,” explains Thomas Urban, Managing Director of VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH.
He adds, “In the newly designed logo, for example, the globe symbol is a reminder of the international approval of the certifications issued by EFSG members and the importance of their collaborative work.”

EFSG is the association of established certification bodies in Europe working in the fields of fire prevention and protection. Its members have many years of experience in their respective sectors and enjoy the trust of the professional community. They have set themselves the common goal of raising and harmonising the security and safety level of products for fire prevention and protection, as well as physical security and burglar alarms.

To this end, they facilitate independent third-party certification in different countries at a lower cost. With the worldwide approved and recognised testing and certification expertise of its members, the EFSG enables manufacturers to accelerate market access, reduce costs and achieve universally approved quality assurance.