C2 Series strengthen access control for a safe high school campus in Singapore


Presbyterian High School is a 57-year-old school in Singapore and was initially known as Li Sun High School with only 150 students. Presbyterian High School is a sprawling campus of 3 hectares and has more than 1200 students and staff members. This campus stands out as a striking landmark in Ang Mo Kio and is a choice school for many.
As schools grow in size, the security risks increase. To ensure the safety of students and faculty and to prevent outsiders from entering the campus, schools need to know exactly who is coming in and out of the school and keep track of employee attendance.
Therefore, Presbyterian High School wanted to use biometric access control and an attendance management system for identification purposes.

Based on the actual needs of Presbyterian High School, Anviz’s partner Corgex recommended C2 Slim, C2 Pro, and CrossChex Cloud to improve campus safety. C2 Series are outdoor compact access control and time attendance fingerprint readers with vertical frame design and sophisticated appearance suitable for installation in various locations.
Equipped with a new generation CPU, the C2 Series can store up to 10,000 users and 100,000 attendance records. It also supports various unlocking methods such as fingerprint, card swipe, and password unlocking.

The C2 Series can be connected to CrossChex Cloud, a cloud-based attendance and access control management software that is easy to use and help managers manage their workforce. Punch records of the devices can be synchronised to the cloud in real time and can be exported with one click.

Plus, managers can control access remotely with Wi-Fi, so visitors don’t have to wait long for someone to open the door. Presbyterian High School has over 100 people whose attendance status is managed through CrossChex.

The C2 Series’ biometrics verify people quickly and precisely, installed at the entryways of schools and workplaces to block unapproved people from accessing secure places, safeguarding over 1,200 students and educators.

The C2 compact devices are suitable for installation in a variety of environments. The PoE interface and wireless communication reduce installation and maintenance costs, and the sophisticated appearance of the devices blends perfectly with the building, making the overall appearance harmonious and beautiful.

The C2 Series is also IP65 waterproof, so it can be used despite the harsh environmental conditions in which it is installed. CrossChex Cloud is a cloud-based time and attendance management system without any software needed. Users can use it anywhere they’ve got internet by using any internet browser.

It is also a super quick setup and easy-to-use system dedicated to saving the business money through employee time management, reducing administrative costs of time and attendance data collection and processing, thereby increasing overall productivity and profitability.