BrainCreators Seagull harbour surveillance


SEAGULL is a digital inspector that tracks all incoming and outgoing harbour traffic 24/7, delivering analytics and actionable alerts. Seagull is accessible Software as a Service that uses existing camera infrastructure.

Seagull is a product of BrainCreators, Europe’s leading AI-based digital inspector provider. According to research by Ainsworth, security officers miss 95% of all visible activity after watching monitor screens for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, this allows undesirable activities to occur in international ports of all sizes. Seagulls have excellent vision and are incredibly clever.

Digital Seagull recognizes many different vessel types, measures the speed of passing vessels, and records entry and exit times. Thanks to its clear dashboard, operators get a total overview of activities with detailed views of vessel types, dates, times, directions, and speeds. In case of violations, SEAGULL alerts operators to allow for immediate action, triggering early intervention and ensuring maritime safety. In addition, SEAGULL enables users to easily observe and analyse trends, allowing them to take preventative measures. Finally, SEAGULL automatically keeps a logbook for future evaluation.

The Netherlands is a European country with a long coastline. To enhance safety in the port of Scheveningen (part of The Hague municipality), the municipality will use an innovative registration system from January 2023. This new system will automatically recognize and register boating traffic entering and leaving the port.

The municipality of The Hague considers it important to gain more insight into the shipping traffic in the port of Scheveningen. Until now, only commercial shipping has been registered. As there is no standard system for this like there is for car license plate registration, this year the municipality developed a new innovative system together with external parties. It should strengthen port management and help the municipality in its information position. This registration system has been extensively tested by Port Authority employees.

The registration system deployed by Scheveningen Port automatically recognizes and records shipping traffic in the port. This is done by an intelligent video system that works with artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence recognizes the vessel type, and the system also records the date/time and sailing direction at the same time. The Port Authority staff keep a total record of activities in the port in a dashboard. The registration system safeguards the privacy of port visitors.

The system does not record any personal data and sailors are not visibly displayed. SEAGULL was built by merging Scheveningen Port’s domain knowledge and data with BrainCreators’ technology. This created a scalable digital port inspector that meets the requirements of any modern port. Bosch Energy & Building Solutions acted as the system integrator, developing a complete solution suitable for any port and video management system.