Bosch BIS 4.5 updates include improved access control, new subsystems, and boosted encryption


Bosch has updated its Building Integration System (BIS) software to Version 4.5. The latest BIS features: Access control that is easier to use, more flexible and even more secure; integration of new or updated Bosch video surveillance, fire alarm and public address systems; and auditing of configuration changes. A key function of BIS is access control. This allows authorised people to enter various areas of a building or site and keeps unauthorised people out. Version 4.5 makes enrollment (and disenrollment) of authorised people easier, more flexible and more secure.

Easier, because: it now integrates fingerprints into the cardholder management dialogue and does not require third party software anymore. Also, enrollment can now be done remotely on any access reader in the system. More flexible, because: the enrollment dialogue via masks and processes are no longer static, but can be customised by the user; identification photos from any USB camera can be used; and access badges can be flexibly designed and printed with barcodes. More secure, because Microsoft Windows Server 2016 supports BIS 4.5 for best cyber protection. Communications throughout BIS are transmitted at a higher encryption level than ever before.

BIS 4.5 can communicate with and control more Bosch subsystems than before. New additions include:
• Alarm video plugins for the latest Bosch and ONVIF cameras as well as Bosch DIVAR network and hybrid recorders
• Smoke and fire detection in Bosch AVIOTEC cameras
• Monitoring and management of calls on Bosch’s PAVIRO Public Address System.
All these components can be controlled by a single operator at a central point. With Version 4.5, all configuration history is captured in a database that records who did what and when they did it. This provides an audit trail that helps colleagues know what each other is doing or has done and aids investigation of past events.

All these upgrades in Version 4.5 help BIS to be the premium system on offer. It is easy to use, flexible and even more secure. It integrates more equipment than ever, and it audits its own configuration. BIS is well-equipped to monitor and manage, from a central control room, a building or a complex or a full network of stations across a public transport system. It also improves handling of changing and remote workforces and in generating an audit trail to comply with internal or external regulations