2.4 GHz 7″ digital AHD 720P wireless system with marker light


JPP, a professional integrator and manufacturers in design of RV system for the required customer OEM/ODM projects, has launched its Second Generation 2.4 GHz 7inch digital AHD 720P wireless system, which claims, according to the company, that it far exceeds the performance of High Definition wireless observation systems on the market, and aims to set users free from wiring and installation location limitations.

The system includes a built-in DVR function, supports 4 channel transmission to stream the video signal smoothly and in real-time with an Anti-interference Digital Wireless Signal, and with stable footage for high-speed reversing & monitoring.

With the wireless chipset “Richwave”, real-time imaging can be achieved for vehicle applications, without interference. And the universal design & wide power range with the user of car charger (DC 12-24V) is able to fit various types of RVs such as trailers and Class A/B/C motorhomes, and it is marker light integrated with an IR wireless camera. The device is offered with a bracket for number plate mounting and the Wireless products and systems of JPP, promise ease of installation.

JPP offers high-end products, as the company specialises in developing heavy-duty rear-view safety systems for commercial vehicles, agriculture & construction equipment, RVs, and more with customisation options to fit almost any need.