Chubb System’s new CCTV system dedicated to smart motorways


Chubb Systems has launched a television out station (TVOS), an all-weather traffic monitoring CCTV camera system that delivers the highest quality images demanded by the smart motorways of the future.The new TVOS also meets the specific technical specifications required by Highways England for its Road Investment Strategy.
The TVOS unit delivers images in ultra-low and zero light conditions, thanks to its infrared array. This means that even in the toughest lighting conditions, the camera provides regional control centres (RCC) exceptional images to monitor traffic flow and motorway incidents as well as increase safety for the Highways’ workforce. The unit is comprised of three key elements: a long-range, high-resolution camera with optical zoom and back light compensation; an infrared array with 500m range; and a television base unit (TVBU). Added benefits of the unit include physical and cyber security accreditation and a remote maintenance service for software upgrades and alterations.

In complying with Highways England’s specific regulations, Chubb Systems was awarded a position on Lot 2 (Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Enforcement Cameras) of the Crown Commercial Services / Highways England Traffic Management Technology 2 Framework agreement; and Lot 15, the Framework’s overall catalogue of products. The TVBU also serves as the outstation element in the Highways England CCTV network – it connects the relevant cameras to the National Roads Telecommunication System that itself connects back to relevant RCCs, where remote monitoring operatives are located