New Avigilon intelligent and cost effective H5M camera


The new Avigilon H5M camera is the latest addition to the Motorola security solution portfolio, and has been designed to provide customers with a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious video security projects that require a small-footprint camera for outdoor use. The H5M camera can handle tough environmental conditions while offering AI-powered Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) — all backed by a five-year warranty.

The camera features a compact size and can seamlessly integrate with other open-platform systems. In addition, this intelligent camera helps save time through its built-in AI technology that flags unusual events to users. The H5M camera is offered in 2 and 5 MP resolution, it is priced cost-effectively, and is engineered to be easy to install, addressing a wide variety of security needs and helping projects remain on time and on budget.

“We are introducing a budget-friendly solution for our customers who have sites that need value-oriented, outdoor-rated cameras,” said John Kedzierski, senior vice president, Video Security Solutions at Motorola Solutions. “This camera is suited to serve a wide-variety of customer segments, where we are always working to provide intelligent end-to-end solutions that target our customers’ specific security needs.”