Viking’s RAD-1A remote access device


The RAD-1A remote access device connects existing paging systems with today’s most common analog interfaces. The RAD-1A allows users to bring their existing paging system into the modern realm of VoIP/SIP and mobile telecom applications. The RAD-1A is a ring-trip paging device that will answer an incoming phone call and convert that audio into a 600 Ohm output compatible with the majority of paging amplifiers in use today. An optional security code prevents misdials or unauthorized access of your paging system.

A multitude of analog phone line emulators are compatible with the RAD-1A. Cellular-to-analog adapters may be used, or use an FXS port on an ATA to connect hosted and on-premise VoIP/SIP phone systems. CO lines and analog PABX extensions can also be used. Once a user connects with the RAD-1A, on-board relay contacts can activate the attached paging amplifiers. After the page, the RAD-1A will disconnect on CPC, busy signal, or return to dial tone. User-programmable silence time-out or call-length time out will also trigger a disconnect once the timer has expired.