Videx Security launches innovative app and new GSM features


The ‘Videx SMS Access’ app, available for free download on the App Store and Play Store, allows building occupants and temporary visitors, such as tradesmen or Airbnb guests for example, to gain entry using personalised pin codes. The app eliminates the need for a master code, enhancing security and convenience for all users.

The range of new features to the Videx GSM range is designed to provide users with greater flexibility, security, and convenience. Key enhancements include holiday scheduling, where users can add up to 100 holiday dates to the call time bands and access control time bands, allowing for the override of normal timed access profiles on designated holidays, and a new free access feature that enables the call button to function as a push-to-enter button during specified times/days.

This is ideal for trade premises that require controlled but unobstructed access, offering security and convenience without the need to keep gates permanently open. Videx GSM intercoms also boast several new programmable options, including SMS forwarding, locking speech volumes during calls, disabling latch during calls, output status checks, and network provider identification.

Additionally, enhanced support for programming proximity tags, cards, and access level restrictions enhances the versatility and security of the system. The GSM digital intercom range has also been expanded to include 200 additional dial-to-open numbers, access control timebands, and access levels for proximity tags and dial-to-open users. These upgrades, coupled with TLS1.2 encryption for cloud services, represent Videx’s commitment to continued entry innovation