Videonetics launches 3rd generation VMS


Videonetics has launched its third generation of Intelligent VMS designed to deliver unified, next generation user interface, military-grade security, rugged with unprecedented levels of high availability and a future ready solution, for any size of deployment across various industry verticals such as, smart & safe cities, critical infrastructure, industrial, mass transit, education, healthcare and retail to name a few.

Building on more than a decade of R&D in the domain of video computing, computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning based technologies, the Videonetics latest Intelligent VMS 3.0 encompasses multiple video computing services in a unified, homogenous software architecture platform and offers facilities beyond mere ‘capture-record-display’ generation of Video Management.

Engineered to be highly secure, the VMS is cyber security hardened to meet today’s evolving threat landscape, by ensuring data safety and accessibility only to the authorised personnel with security protection. It offers various security measures such as multi-factor authentication, SHA 256, RSA & AES encryptions, video watermarking, distributed storage management for critical data, and secured channel communication.

The DC-DR (Data Center – Disaster Recovery) architecture of Intelligent VMS 3.0 is built considering the complexities of vast amounts of video data generated from a large number of cameras in the field, and protecting the same from loss or corruption and transferring data to another location. It ensures business continuity with minimum or no service disruption.

The Intelligent VMS 3.0 features a collaborative surveillance platform for the operators to exchange messages and share observations. It offers features such as sharing camera views, importing operator screens and chat room for discussions. The geo-fence based situational awareness possibilities mean that the user can easily draw a virtual fence with geo coordinates or simply using mouse to see relevant cameras within the fence with all the events of interest.

The system is scalable and cloud ready, and a pre-integrated artificial intelligence and deep learning framework called Deeperlook has been designed to ensure quick and easy deployment of AI based video analytics use cases for various verticals. On the launch, Dr. Tinku Acharya, Fellow IEEE, Founder & MD of Videonetics Technology Pvt Ltd expressed, “We are honoured to introduce third generation of Intelligent VMS, the future of video management, commits to address everyday challenges of users by handling cyber attack threats with multi-pronged security, 24×7 business continuity, unprecedented friendly experience, collaborative vigilance and much more.