Veronafiere boost security with Dallmeier’s Panomera® cameras


Every year, the Veronafiere exhibition centre and its conference centre host an average of 35 exhibitions and 50 conventions. Among the successful and best-known events, Vinitaly, Marmomac, Fieracavalli, Fieragricola, Samoter, Progetto Fuoco, and MotorBike Expo stand out.

These events attract up to 800,000 trade fair visitors and exhibitors every year. To ensure security for the outdoor areas of the brand new “Gallerie Mercatali” in Verona, Veronafiere again decided to install a Dallmeier video security system with Panomera® cameras.
Veronafiere S.p.A. is an international group that has been organising trade fairs and events “connecting people, nations, and different businesses” since 1898. The trade fair site of Veronafiere with its various exhibition halls stands in the centre of the Italian city of Verona.
Precisely to ensure greater safety for its guests, since 2016 Veronafiere implemented a Dallmeier video security system with a total of 15 Panomera® cameras.

The initiative protects as much as possible both exhibitors, starting from the stand set-up phase, and visitors and operators, during the events. This high-tech solution also allows for objective management of any complaints, in a rapid, reassuring, and unequivocal way.

In 2021 the Dallmeier Panomera® video coverage was also extended to the spaces of the “Gallerie Mercatali” of Verona, transformed by Veronafiere into additional exhibition and meeting spaces serving business and the city, after a long conservative restoration intervention of the two archaeological industrial structures.

“The purpose of the video system is to minimise the hazards from vandalism, theft, and unauthorised entry, even when no trade fairs or events are taking place. At the same time, Veronafiere wanted to watch over the adjacent parking area,” says Simone Sterza, System Engineer of Italsicurezza, installer and system integrator who collaborates with Dallmeier.

“It was just as important to the customer to have the best possible price-performance ratio: Veronafiere wanted to have ‘Recognition’ image quality according to DIN 62676‐4 over the entire area to be monitored, with the smallest number of cameras possible and low total operating costs.” Furthermore, the system should also offer high availability and have comprehensive data protection and data security functions. To find a video solution that satisfies the requirements profile, Veronafiere instituted a call for tenders, which was won by the Italian general contractor Cubi S.r.l.

One of the main reasons the contract was awarded to Cubi was that as a customer of Italsicurezza, it was able to offer the patented “Panomera®” multifocal sensor cameras.
The remarkable feature of the Panomera® cameras is that they can capture long distances and large expanses in high resolution. To do this, they combine up to seven detail sensors having various focal lengths with an overview sensor in one optical unit.
The result is a homogeneous, high-resolution total image covering the entire area that is to be captured.

The benefit in this case is equivalent to combining multiple 4K cameras with any number of “virtual” PTZ systems but with significantly lower total operating costs.
The reason for this is that, apart from fewer cameras, users also need considerably less infrastructure, such as cables, masts, networks, and monitors, to be able to see everything that is happening.

“Besides their well-known image quality, the thing I found particularly surprising about the new Dallmeier Panomera® cameras was how quickly and easily we were able to mount them,” declares Simone Sterza, System Engineer with Italsicurezza.

“Just a single Allen key size was needed for all of the main installation and adjustment work. Thanks to the Mountera® mounting system we were able to mount the cameras safely using just one technician, without needing any assistance from a second person.”

The Dallmeier cameras capture the outdoor area of the Gallerie Mercatali in the resolution specified in the call for tenders. Italsicurezza was able to define this precisely for the entire area of 10,625 m2 using Dallmeier planning software. It was also a simple matter to integrate the new cameras and the IPS 10000 Recording Server into the existing Dallmeier system.

Accordingly, Veronafiere only needs two Panomera® S8, three Panomera® S4, and two single-sensor cameras to secure the whole outdoor area of the Gallerie Mercatali and keep a reliable watch over everything that is happening over the entire area.

To take advantage of the expanded video system from the very beginning, the security personnel at Veronafiere received thorough training from the team of Dallmeier Italy.
These days, the Veronafiere control centre houses just three workstations, with which the authorised security personnel can observe the entire outdoor area of the trade fair site live and access camera recordings. RAID-6 storage ensures high availability of the recordings.
To satisfy Italian data protection regulations, the system deletes the recordings of the camera images automatically after seven days.

Moreover, the modular nature of the system allows “upgrades on demand”: this means that Veronafiere could also implement Video Content Analyse (VCA) or AI-based video analysis applications to enable automatic reporting of unauthorised access to “sterile areas” (i.e., areas in which people and objects are not permitted to remain). Searches for specific incidents could also be carried out even more rapidly. “The Dallmeier system”, ends Simone Sterza, “helps to ensure that exhibitors and visitors have an untroubled, enjoyable trade fair experience.”