Universal, future-proof RFID readers enable device safety, security and compatibility in healthcare ecosystems


UV-Concepts develops and manufactures innovative no-touch disinfection solutions using the ultraviolet UV-C germicidal wavelength of 254nm. Their flagship product is the UVE™ UV-C Enclosure, a purpose-built platform for the disinfection of primarily portable medical equipment in hospitals and other healthcare environments.

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) have been in the spotlight for decades, but with the COVID-19 global pandemic, infection control and prevention have become urgent priorities.
The RFID reader provides a critical safety layer because of the risks of exposure to UV light. Staff is trained in the proper use of the device and only then are they authorised via their RFID badge to operate the equipment. Proper operation is tracked and flagged where additional training may be necessary.

“Badge reading is an essential component of our protocol management platform,” says Jeremy Starkweather, CEO, UV-Concepts. “This allows administrators to have oversight of the process, and also allows them to have complete oversight of the personnel using the product. It also helps us understand if somebody is using the product appropriately.”

UV-Concepts realised the limitations of the previous readers they were using.
• First, as the readers were not multi-technology, they could not accommodate customers that used a mix of RFID card technologies at different locations or who changed technologies after implementation, except by issuing additional RFID.
• Second, their readers were single, a low frequency which limited the degree to which they could secure confidential information such as employee names and badges.
• Third, the readers could not be customised to provide the audible and visual feedback UV-Concepts desired for the user, And finally, the previous readers were not aesthetically consistent with the high-tech design of the UVE™.

UV-Concepts wanted a single reader that would work with all of the technologies used by their customers. The reader needed to be secure and encryption-capable, easy to reconfigure after installation to meet the needs of customers who changed card technologies, and look like a high-tech medical equipment component should.

UV-Concepts wanted a smart, secure RFID reader solution that would meet the needs of its burgeoning global healthcare and commercial market customers. The reader needed to be able to:
Provide secure and accurate user identification, authorisation, and access control.
Read all of the card technologies their clients might be using.
Be easy to reconfigure for new technologies or functionality.
Have a high-aesthetic quality consistent with their product design.

The ELATEC TWN4 Palon Compact Panel Reader met all of UV-Concept’s requirements and more. The Palon is configurable for 60+ RFID card transponder technologies, maximising their market opportunities and helping them better serve customers using multiple technologies. Their customers can use the same corporate ID cards that employees use for front door access to enable access to the UVE™ for authorised employees.

With its flexible architecture and open API, the Palon can be remotely reconfigured to activate new card technologies or upgrade firmware to meet emerging security and functionality requirements. Or, a contactless card may be presented to the reader, no-touch labour required. The Palon is integrated with the UVE™ digital tagging system and backend software so every time a disinfection cycle runs it is tracked along with who did it, when they did it, and what they did it on.

UV-Concepts has dozens of the UVE™ installed in locations around the world. And its TWN4 Palon Compact Panel Reader provides secure, reliable user identification and access control to help its customers ensure staff authorisation and safety in the disinfecting of medical equipment, and most importantly, the protection of the vulnerable patients served.

“Even though it’s a component, the ELATEC reader is essential to the UVE™ process and safety. I believe UV-Concepts are making an impact on this planet with our technology. What you guys are doing is making an impact too, so thank you for that,” said Jeremy.