UNIONCOMMUNITY launches face recognition and body temperature measurement device


UNIONCOMMUNITY, specialised in biometric recognition, has launched a face recognition device combined with a body temperature check system. It was developed with South Korean technology. By integrating face recognition terminals and thermal imaging cameras, it can be used in places where many people access it.

Since COVID 19, in Korea, large hospitals, public institutions, and sports facilities often use paper forms to manually record personal information and purpose of the entry for those who visit the facility. They also install thermal imaging cameras to monitor visitors’ body temperature or managers check visitors’ body temperature with a thermometer and write them down. The method is difficult to match the results of body temperature measurements and access records, and there is a possibility of human errors. Also, there are disadvantages of the possibility of stealing other people’s identities or recording information differently from the facts.

The system released by UNIONCOMMUNITY automatically carries out face recognition and body temperature measurements in a non-face-to-face manner that does not require a separate control. It records access results and body temperature automatically to the server just by entering the phone number of visitors, making it easy to manage the access logs.
UBio-X Pro2 is an artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning-based facial recognition system. It is based on the thermal heat of people’s temperature to a particular place. Devices can use photos taken from a mobile phone or an existing picture to register to the server to authenticate one’s face.

Since the face can be certified in a non-cooperative manner (walk-through) at various angles and up to 2 meters away, it can verify quickly and accurately even if a large number of people enter and exit within a short time.

Thermal image cameras can accurately measure body temperature within ±0.5 degrees based on QVGA-class (384×288) images. If a visitor shows abnormal body temperature, a person’s information (previously registered phone number) will be automatically saved with face recognition information in the access control system.

For internal users with access information registered, the results of body temperature measurement are automatically stored on the server along with the access records. If an outsider visits, access registration can be made in advance using the non-face-to-face visit reservation management system. UNIONCOMMUNITY expects it to be useful in situations where pre-registration is required, such as seminars, education, and interviews. Since the mobile phone number one first enters acts as an ID, one can access the number and face as a credential of authentication when one revisits.