The Wyze Lock Bolt boasts a secure amount of connectivity features


The ‘Wyze Lock Bolt’ is a new fingerprint-scanning, Bluetooth-enabled door lock with a motorised deadbolt. The lock connects to a mobile application through Bluetooth with a maximum range of 16 feet.

When connected, the application can be used to lock, unlock, change the code, and reprogram the fingerprint of the door lock. While many smart locks feature smart home integration through apps like Alexa and Google Assistant, the Wyze Lock Bolt takes a more modest approach in order to bolster its security and reduce the likelihood of a breach.

The Wyze Lock Bolt can store up to 50 separate fingerprints and up to 20 keypad codes. This means that, while a full family could register each of their fingerprints, a small to medium-sized work office could also fully register their fingerprints. To further increase the viability of the Wyze Lock Bolt as a professional workplace tool, each fingerprint can have specific access permissions, such as only being able to unlock the door on Mondays, or only between 8 am and 5 pm