Surveon launches 32-channel NVR3304 for SMB, retail, healthcare


Surveon Technology, the enterprise NVR solutions provider, announced the Linux-based NVR3304 will be added to the Professional Series. NVR3304 supports up to 32-channels of 5MP cameras recording with 4-bay hard disks and RAID 1, 5, 6 data protection. The system results in a high level of recording throughput up to 192Mbps, ensuring cameras to be recorded and viewed reliably, giving the user the best option of 32-channel network video recorder.

NVR3304 supports dual display which allows more cameras to be monitored simultaneously and enables different tasks to be checked at the same time. Besides, NVR3304 can be installed on desk or be mounted on racks, allowing users to monitor locally and remotely, enhancing the flexibility of usage.

With its client-server architecture and easy scalability, Surveon VMS allows multiple access from web, remote, and mobile clients, helping users to manage surveillance anywhere and prevent the incidents such as thefts or other illegalities in time. Moreover, video analytics such as People Counting can be used as an indicator, showing the hot and cold traffic areas for retailers to allocate the goods well, and can ensure an optimal merchandise placement. NVR3304 allows partners to use iSCSI/NAS to expand the volume of storage for data backup and recording purposes, making it an ideal solution for middle-large applications such as SMB, retail, healthcare, and education.