Siemens Cerberus FIT FC360 Fire Control Panel


Cerberus FIT FC360 is an addressable 1-loop fire control panel. It is easy to install and commission and is the ideal solution to reliably protect small to medium-sized applications.

At the center of the system is an addressable 1-loop fire control panel of the FC360 series. The compact panels are intuitive to operate and you can connect up to 126 C-NET detectors and peripheral devices, including ASA neural fire detectors with the unique ASAtechnology™ from Siemens. Your plus: the detectors offer outstanding detection reliability and immunity to false alarms in any environment. And because Cerberus FIT is an open maintenance system you can choose any maintenance provider once your system is installed and commissioned. What’s more, Cerberus FIT is an EN-compliant fire protection system. It is approved and certified by independent certified by the independent certification body, LPCB. Trust in the known and proven quality from Siemens ‒ and enhance safety with Cerberus FIT.

FC 360 – key facts
* 1 loop/2 stubs
* Addressable (up to 126 devices)
* Easy installation, programming and operation
* Auto configuration
* Online & offline commissioning
* Line monitoring (open loop & short circuit)
* 2 collective sounder lines
* 4 programmable inputs/outputs
* 3 potential free relay outputs
* 70 W/2.5 A power supply
* Space for 12 – 25 Ah batteries
* Up to 72 hours backup option
* Event Log (for 2000 logs)