Safer Security Group announces the release of Safer Pod S1, the next generation of site security technology


Relentlessly innovative security sector specialist, Safer Security Group, has unveiled the next generation of site security technology, with the official launch of its Safer Pod S1.

The tech disruptor’s newest product, which has already been taken up by various tier 1 contractors on sites throughout the United Kingdom (UK), is equipped with cutting edge intelligent visual verification, which captures the clearest and highest quality images yet, while it’s innovative anti-masking sensors instantly detect attempts to mask the detector and raise the alarm. Smart tilt and impact sensors immediately alert, if a pod is moved or tampered with.

Ryan Clark, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Safer Security Group, said “Wireless battery-powered security systems, commonly known as ‘Daleks’, are not a new concept. The Safer Pod S1 represents the next generation of this concept.”
With the Safer Pod S1, a 30 metre, 360-degree intruder detection zone is continuously scanned for threats. Equipped with next generation live spectrum analysis, the device distinguishes real threats from interference, such as wildlife. High-intensity sounders with flashing strobe provide a forceful 120db alarm siren upon detection of an intruder.
Armed also with innovative signal jamming detection, the Safer Pod S1 is ready to detect and alert Safer Security Group’s 24-hour manned control room, to any attempts to jam wireless communication channels.

Allowing increased client control, the Safer Pod S1 can be managed via an app, allowing the client to arm, disarm and view activity. The first modular solution compliant with manual handling legislation allows for safe rapid deployment in any environment. Next generation capability allows up to 200 additional sensors to be equipped, detecting dangers, such as smoke, water and carbon dioxide leak.