Reolink Super HD IP Camera


The RLC-410 Super HD IP Camera consists of a four megapixels (2560 x 1440) super HD camera that delivers excellent day and night vision. Unlike 1080P cameras, this small 1440P camera enables users to view super clear images, which is great for capturing faces of uninvited guests. The RLC-410 Super HD IP Camera supports remote surveillance that enables users to see the security situation of the home (or business) remotely via mobile devices anywhere and anytime. It uses POE (Power over Ethernet), which reduces cabling and power requirements.

The RLC-410 Super HD IP Camera is low maintenance and very easy to set up and install — simply plug and play the IP Camera without having to worry about configuration. It will power over the Ethernet, transmit power and video in one cable. To use it to view remotely with a smartphone, simply download and install the Reolink app on a wireless device. It’s a simple app that will scan the QR code on the camera. After approximately a minute or less, users can monitor everything via any mobile phone. The RLC-410 Super HD IP Camera is durable, solid and is the best DIY camera that’s currently available in the market.

• Instant Motion Detection Alerts, Save, Night Vision (65 to 100 feet),Waterproof and ONVIF Supported
• Great for the garage
• Very useful for a large backyard
• Easy to install, easy instructions
• Good quality camera 4mp (2560 x 1440), so it offers clear picture quality and good motion detection
• Durable, adjustable
• Affordable