RAD announces vast improvements in its firearm detection speed & accuracy


Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc., a subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., is pleased to announce significant enhancements in the performance and reliability of its firearm detection AI analytics.

These improvements will be incorporated into RAD’s popular line of security devices, including ROSA™, RIO™, AVA™, and RADDOG™, and will begin shipping in June.
Key features of the upgraded firearm detection system include:
● Double Authentication: This new feature aims to reduce false positives by ensuring the system only acts upon true positives, enhancing overall reliability.
● Enhanced Performance: The updated software provides superior accuracy and faster response times, ensuring more effective threat detection and mitigation.

The company noted that its verified firearm detection analytics will be charged at an extra cost to ROSS™ and RAD’s physical product line, making it the first analytic to earn the company additional revenue. Pricing details will be made available to RAD’s dealer channel and clients upon request.

RAD devices utilise a sophisticated combination of edge (on-device) technology and cloud-based processing to enhance the reliability of their firearm detection systems. When a potential firearm is detected, the device immediately sends captured images of the suspected firearm to the RAD Cloud for a process called double authentication. During this process, the suspected images are meticulously compared against RAD’s extensive and continuously updated library of firearm models.

If the process confirms a true positive, the RAD device at the scene automatically enters a local alert phase, including audible and visual alerts. This action triggers an immediate response protocol, where notifications are swiftly sent to remote monitoring centres and other security personnel, including law enforcement agencies.

RAD’s Double Authentication process significantly enhances the accuracy of the RAD devices, ensuring that only genuine threats are acted upon. By minimising false alerts, RAD provides a more reliable and effective security solution, safeguarding public safety.