Nittan launches newest version of its loop powered beam detector


Nittan Europe has launched an enhanced version of its EV-Firebeam Xtra loop powered beam detector: the EV-Firebeam Xtra SCI. The EV-Firebeam Xtra SCI now features a short Circuit Isolator in addition to the previous models’ features such as ‘advanced’ linear stepper motors which is designed to enable the beam to align itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and automatically re-align itself when building movement occurs.

This aims to overcome many of the traditional issues associated with beam detection, including building movement which impacts reliability, and accessibility making commissioning and maintenance difficult and time consuming, according to Nittan.

The alignment process adopted by the beam detector results in faster commissioning and routine maintenance. Under test conditions at 40 metres, the EV-Firebeam Xtra SCI’s auto-align time was recorded by Nittan at ‘three minutes, two seconds’. Once aligned, a routine re-alignment was timed at ‘one minute, seven seconds’.

The EV-Firebeam Xtra SCI standard package comes complete with a head unit, low level controller and a single reflector, which is designed to cover distances up to seven metres. Mid-range and long-range kits are also available to cover 70-140m and 140-160m respectively. The EV-Firebeam Xtra SCI is the latest addition to Nittan’s Evolution Addressable Fire Alarm System range. It is VdS approved and fully compliant to EN 54-12:2015.