Milestone secures infrastructure in Thailand


Milestone Systems has collaborated in the implementation of an integrated video surveillance solution for Thailand’s largest state-owned power producer, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). Thailand’s leading state-owned power utility manages hydropower plants in classified and sensitive areas, relying heavily on video footage to monitor sites and enhance security. As a single plant sometimes requires more than 200 cameras, EGAT needed a scalable and cost-efficient video surveillance system.

Being situated over an hour away from the city was also a challenge. Without a unified video surveillance system, monitoring and surveying the water level of 14 dams across the country proved challenging, with inappropriate response times leading to floods and potential loss of lives.

8 Bit Solution, a trusted provider of Milestone solutions, carried out a comprehensive needs analysis evaluation process for EGAT. Milestone’s Xprotect video management software, a cost-effective solution, was selected to manage and integrate existing cameras located at all six hydro power plants, without causing disruption to daily operations. With this in place, EGAT was then able to distribute its resources more efficiently, saving energy and resources.

“Besides the 35 percent reduction in manpower and labour costs, Milestone Xprotect video management software continued to enhance security of our premises and ensure the safety of all employees,” said Mr. Kriangsak Chinwong, System Analyst, and Head of Control Equipment, North-eastern Region, EGAT.

“Milestone provided a flexible and future-proof solution for the various power generation sites that we are monitoring,” said Chinwong. “The flexibility and scalability of Milestone’s solutions allowed us to integrate our cameras seamlessly for round-the-clock surveillance.”
Benjamin Low, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Milestone Systems, added, “Milestone’s solution for EGAT mirrors our values to our clients. We will continue to pursue greater innovation in surveillance and serve as a reliable solution for managing risk and protecting people and assets.”

Looking ahead, EGAT is looking to take advantage of Milestone’s open platform to integrate additional features, such as Xprotect license plate recognition and Milestone Xprotect Access, a module that helps customers integrate third-party access control systems, to fully maximize the potential of their current video surveillance solution. “Milestone’s open platform makes it easy to integrate with other systems, and we plan to make use of that.” commented Chinwong, “A high-quality security system with stable, scalable and flexible features helps us to put safety at the heart of our business