Latvian hotel parking empowered by Diviotec frictionless LPR


Located in Riga, the capital of Latvia, the Riga International Airport is the busiest and largest airport in the Baltic states with direct flights to more than 76 destinations. As the number of international travellers is almost back to the same level as before the pandemic, the Hampton by Hilton Riga Airport hotel is also adapting to the fast-increasing passenger demand.

Diviotec is working with Latvia local solution partner, Biss SIA, providing multiple licence plate capture cameras at the entrances and exits of the parking lot to help upgrade the hotel parking access into contactless LPR (licence plate recognition) automation solutions to maximise parking place efficiency and operations.

Diviotec LPR/ANPR TBR922 camera is fully integrated into the ecosystem partner system. This system is specially designed for companies, institutions or cities to manage automatic parking lots. Many external sensors are integrated such as LED display, barrier, and underground loop to offer user frictionless access. Diviotec TBR922 camera delivers the clear video necessary for LPR applications to ensure that crisp images of licence plates can be captured even if a vehicle is moving. In case of a system error or a problem, the parking system is managed remotely, so the operator receives an alert and is therefore able to solve it quickly. In addition, this high-tech solution can help the airport to reach a higher level, offering a better customer experience.

As the temperature in Riga fluctuates to minus 30 degree Celsius in winter time, the camera must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. It features snow-shield housing for outdoor use, and is also able to work in environments with temperatures from as low as minus 40 degree Celsius. For LPR recognition, they selected the professional LPR camera, TBR922. This model comes with an IP67-rated, power coated housing that offers protection against rain and dust to ensure functional operation in all types of weather conditions.

Diviotec is thought to be the first to design Smartcatch SoC, which incorporates LPR mode and overview mode into one camera. With LPR mode, the camera is able to isolate high contrast licence plate numbers from the moving vehicles to improve accuracy for LPR and ANPR solutions offering consistently crisp, clear images of vehicle licence plate characters.
The benefits offered by LPR/ANPR technology has almost certainly contributed to improving the experience and efficiency of driver parking in the Hampton Hotel, Riga Airport.