Latvian 24hr gym ensures safety & security for returning clients


In Latvia’s capital city Riga, G4S is securing a modern 24-hour sports club, Gym!Origo, a self-service exercise venue which is part of the Myfitness Group. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the gym has been closed to customers but the building and it’s high-performance equipment needs to be kept safe and secure. G4S has been working with Gym!Origo to install a responsive, intelligent and largely remote security system, to protect the premises.

“What we needed to provide Gym!Origo was a discreet and cost-effective solution which keeps the gym’s customers safe and protects their privacy, while also being able to secure the club effectively while it is not in use during the latest lockdown,” said Aleksandrs Šnevels, Technology Solutions Director for G4S in Latvia.

Housed in the popular Origo shopping centre, which straddles the central train station and is arranged over three floors, the gym covers a floor area of 1500 square metres. The space, which is equipped with all the latest training equipment, is divided up into cardio training, strength training zones and an open training area.

“This is really quite different to anything else we have done before because this discreet solution gives gym-goers the peace of mind to exercise without there being security professionals present on the premises, while really offering the same level of protection,” said Aleksandrs.

Having opened its doors for the first time in October 2020, the club now remains closed due to the restrictions in the city. G4S installed an access control system allowing members to gain access using an app and a QR code. There are no security professionals on site, it is all controlled remotely. G4S installed a state-of-the-art intrusion system, which prevents unauthorised access.

Video surveillance via a remote monitoring centre ensures that patrol and response teams can get to the gym quickly if needed, as well as providing random patrol visits by a G4S team, to ensure all is well.

“If the intrusion system triggers an alarm, an operator in the G4S monitoring centre will receive a pop-up video to verify the alarm and that helps us in making a decision about how to react,” said Aleksandrs. The gym has 15 cameras installed, which give complete coverage of the premises and an audio tannoy system can be activated and used from the monitoring centre, to ward off potential vandals, or anyone who may attempt to break in.

There is also an intercom system so that a gym customer can contact a security operator in the monitoring centre if they feel unsafe or if there is an incident. If a customer loses the keys to their locker, G4S can also attend the site to assist, open and fix any padlocking issues.