Introducing the latest innovation from Sentry Enterprises: The batteryless multi-function biometric credential


Sentry Enterprises, a pioneer in digital identity and data privacy, is proud to debut its latest advancement: the Batteryless SentryCard. Multi-factor physical and logical access solutions have never been more affordable, or safer, than with this groundbreaking biometric credential.

This latest SentryCard boasts several state-of-the-art features, including:
● Unparalleled Power from a Batteryless Technology
● FIDO2 CTAP 2.1
● An Infineon CC EAL6+ Secure Element
● Fast and User-friendly Mobile Enrollment

Crafted to ISO specifications, the SentryCard boasts a thin, flexible, and durable build, establishing itself as the premier option for both physical and logical security needs. Its ability to offer absolute identity verification transcends industry verticals and business domains.

Moreover, the SentryCard’s open architecture seamlessly integrates with all major access control systems and reader variants, instantly upgrading any standard reader to biometric, thus fortifying security across organisations.