Intelligent access makes shared space smarter


Co-working provision is a dynamic market, with increasingly fierce competition for a user base that knows what it wants. The right access solution can help space stand out from competitors and can deliver real benefits for users and the way they work.

Many creative and tech-oriented co-workers demand round-the-clock access. Indeed, according to the Harvard Business Review, the sense of control this flexibility gives is one reason people thrive in coworking spaces. If you have an access system you can manage remotely, from a PC or smartphone, staff need not be on-site to manage people coming and going 24/7. An intelligent access system can also feed back critical business data in real time. Who is using your space? And when? The more you know, the more likely you will make better business decisions.

Efficient incident handling
Open, collaborative co-working involves lots of expensive tech and personal items lying around. You can maximise security and minimise space users’ risk with effective access control. Co-workers will not rent desks where intrusion is easy — and you do not want to operate a space with a reputation for petty theft. If something unexpected occurs or valuables go missing, an access control system can help sort it out quickly and efficiently. Because everyone carries personalised credentials — and instant audit trails can be ordered using access system software — finding out who went where and when, makes investigations easier.

Cutting out cutting keys
In any sizeable workspace, standard physical keys are difficult to track without a dedicated key management system. Changing a standard mechanical lock is time-consuming and expensive. With an access control system installed, one click cancels any “key”, key-card or smartphone credential. Door devices can be programmed and reprogrammed as many times as needed.

Room to grow
When co-working providers want to expand their workspace for the future, wireless access systems like Assa Abloy’s Smartair are almost infinitely flexible; new areas can be bolted on, locks can easily be moved around, and new sites can be added as the business grows. Wireless access control can help change the security status of a door at any time or the co-working area can be expanded to another floor cost-effectively. Add a meeting space, connect two offices, no keys or cables needed.

Image can be everything
Modern workers prioritise convenience and user experience. The latest electronic access systems include an option for them to carry virtual keys on their smartphone, in place of a physical key or key-card. Savvy, smartphone-enabled access will set a work space apart from local competitors.

Co-working spaces may also be used for additional revenue streams, for example, by hosting weekend or evening events. Because smartphone keys are so flexible, they make it easy to issue time-limited access for temporary staff or one-time attendees. When the event is over, their “keys” no longer unlock the doors, and it’s all automatic.