Idis shortlisted for Video and Security Systems award


The Idis Instant Meta Filtering solution has been recognised as an important advance for small-to-medium users of video tech, encouraging more ambitious and innovative applications of AI, with confirmation that it has been selected for the finals of the annual GIT Security Awards. Idis, whose solutions are supported throughout the DACH region via its Netherlands distribution centre, has been shortlisted in the Video and Security Systems award category because of its new approach to opening up the use of analytics. It is one of the first vendors to make metadata filtering tools available to smaller users free of charge, with Instant Meta Filtering now included as a powerful new tool within the cost and license-free Idis Center VMS when deployed with the new range of IDIS 6000 Series Edge VA cameras.

This means that many more customers, who have never accessed these capabilities before, can use AI to speed up incident investigations, reducing the time required for searches from days or hours to just minutes. The shortlist for the awards was drawn up by an independent panel of integrators, end-users and industry associations, and the three winners in each category will be selected in a poll of readers.

With intuitive controls, Idis IMF lets users easily collate footage and search recorded video from multiple streams to reveal the movements and last-known locations of persons or vehicles of interest. As surveillance footage is recorded, Edge VA cameras automatically recognise objects, places, and movements and then extract and store metadata relating to every scene. This metadata provides classification, identity and context to video streams, allowing operators to organise, search and retrieve intelligent information from huge amounts of video footage quickly and easily. IMF rapidly sorts through fine-grained meta-data to locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across a site or even multiple facilities