Horizon3.ai recognised as a fastest growing cybersecurity player


Horizon3.ai, a leading provider of autonomous security solutions, has been named to the Fortune Cyber 60 2023 list. The Fortune Cyber 60 is a new listing of the most important venture-backed startups that offer enterprise-grade cyber security solutions.

Horizon3.ai was added to the Early-growth-stage companies category and is the only company on the list that offers an autonomous penetration testing solution like Nodezero.
The Horizon3.ai Nodezero platform is a SaaS-based autonomous penetration testing solution used to continuously assess an enterprise’s attack surface.

Nodezero helps organisations uncover exploitable vulnerabilities, weak and/or reused credentials, deficient security controls, exposed data, misconfigurations, weak security policies, and dangerous product defaults that exist within their networks. Nodezero chains these weaknesses together to discover attack paths an attacker could use to compromise user accounts, applications, domains, on-premises devices, and cloud resources.

To construct the Fortune Cyber 60 list, Lightspeed Venture Partners surveyed over 300 cyber security startups based on market data provided by Pitchbook. Lightspeed requested data regarding revenue and current and prior year growth rates and sorted the companies that responded according to their ARR, followed by growth rate, and prior year growth rate as tiebreakers.

“Today’s cyber threat actors are evolving at the rate of financial opportunity, and in this past year alone, attackers were extremely proficient at exploiting weaknesses, stealing and encrypting data, holding record numbers of organisations for ransom, demanding exorbitant amounts of money, and taking those that did not pay offline. In terms of sophistication, the attacks are nothing new, but the business model is amazingly well orchestrated,” says Snehal Antani, CEO and co-founder of Horizon3.ai.

“To combat modern threat actors, organisations now realise that the only way they can adequately thwart human-operated ransom-based attacks is to proactively think and act like attackers and start to aggressively attack themselves with the same tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) attackers are using. With this in mind, organisations of all types and sizes are implementing Nodezero to give them an Attacker’s Perspective,” added Antani.

“Being included on Fortune’s Cyber 60 list is a testament that organisations like Horizon3.ai are poised for remarkable growth and continual success as they bring true cyber security innovation to a world vastly in need. And as further proof of the value Nodezero brings to the table is Horizon3.ai’s 13x growth in revenue over the past two years. Customers large and small, spanning over 50 industries and 25 countries, use Nodezero to continuously verify their security posture.”