Honeywell announces new additions to equIP series IP cameras


Honeywell has announced new additions to its lines of equIP® Series IP cameras, designed to provide high image picture quality in ultra-low light environments. With a unified and simple design, the new equIP cameras offer a superior user experience that makes them easy to install, use, and maintain and integrate with other connected building solutions.
The new equIP cameras have the latest technology, providing higher resolution, bandwidth optimisation and embedded video analytics. Using H.265 Codec technology, the cameras reduce video recorder storage costs without sacrificing image quality, providing better bandwidth usage. Honeywell Xtralis IntrusionTrace™ video analytics software improves surveillance accuracy and responsiveness, helping users to reduce financial losses and limit business interruption.

The equIP series is ideal for security professionals looking to more easily design connected building solutions. The cameras can be easily integrated with other Honeywell ecosystem solutions to create one complete IP platform for site monitoring and control. The cameras are ideal for enterprise and critical infrastructure environments where complete visibility is essential, such as industrial buildings, utilities, energy, education, government, and banking.

The equIP series is easy for security professionals to install and maintain. Fifteen languages are available during installation, and only one person is needed to mount the cameras. The range can re-use existing pole, corner, pendant, or wall brackets, saving installers and their customers time and money. If the cameras are installed with Honeywell’s MAXPRO, setup is even easier as all camera units are automatically detected by MAXPRO in a seamless installation process. The new equIP series is fully certified CE, FCC and UL.