Hikvision’s smart video solutions for logistics parks


Hikvision’s smart video solutions for logistics parks add several layers of intelligence compared to traditional security cameras, helping operators to enhance personnel management, vehicle management, site management, and goods management.
Global supply chains, the booming online retail market, and rising demand for manufactured goods have driven growth in the logistics industry. An array of materials and goods are constantly on the move by truck, arriving at logistics parks before the last miles of their journey to stores or customers’ addresses.

With goods moving 24/7, logistics parks need to work extremely efficiently to stay ahead of demand, and to ensure that goods are delivered on time. Additionally, security is a top concern for operators, from the moment shipments arrive, to the moment they are delivered to their final destinations.

When it comes to achieving these goals, security cameras are critical, helping operators to monitor vehicles and people entering facilities, and to track goods leaving the premises. However, next-generation smart video solutions provide a number of additional benefits that help operators to operate more efficiently and securely than ever before.

These include:
• Enhanced personnel management
With the latest smart video solutions, such as Hikvision’s Smart Logistics Park Solution, site operators can protect staff more effectively against accidents and injury. This is achieved with automatic detection of personal protective equipment (PPE), including eyewear, gloves, ear protectors and more.

One example of this is Hikvision’s embedded hard hat detection technology, which triggers automated alerts when team members enter restricted areas without their hard hats on. This enables logistics park operators to significantly improve health and safety, without deploying additional team members to supervise hard hat compliance.

As an additional benefit, operators can improve security with facial recognition technology, which ensures that only authorised personnel enter restricted areas. Facial recognition technology can also make it faster and easier for employees to move around the logistics park, helping them work more productively, thereby reducing waiting times for staff at park entrances and exits.

• Improved site management and safety
Apart from the access control facilities with face recognition technology, deployed to prevent unauthorised visitors entering in secure areas and the premise, logistics parks need more intelligent perimeter protection solutions to drastically improve security. This is now possible with Hikvision thermal cameras, which provide crystal-clear video recording and footage, even in dim or zero-light environments.

Advanced radar and dome cameras can also be combined to detect any unauthorised people or vehicles entering the site, so as to trigger automated alerts for any suspicious movements, and to record clear video evidence of any untoward incidents that occur.
With high-definition and low-light Hikvision smart cameras, logistics parks can also replace manual security patrols with ‘remote’ patrols. In this kind of a scenario, security teams check images from strategically placed, high-definition cameras, based on a patrol ‘schedule’ and raise alerts if any suspicious movements are observed or noticed.
To further increase efficiency and operation performance, remote patrols can be enhanced with AI technology, which enables regular security checks with no need to review video footage manually. In such cases, only video images that identify a potential security threat are sent to site security teams, so as to dramatically reduce staffing requirements and cutting unnecessary costs.

• Optimised vehicle and dock management
With Hikvision’s smart video solutions, site operators can create an optimised vehicle and load management workflow, from truck entry to docking and cargo pickup. The Hikvision Smart Logistics Park Solution achieves this with a dashboard that displays the status of each loading dock, thereby allowing vehicles to be directed efficiently, as soon as they register at the park’s security checkpoint. Based on simple red, yellow and green indicators, vehicles can be processed more efficiently and queuing can be reduced.

As well as improving the vehicle processing workflow, park operators can improve access security based on vehicle license plate recognition technology. Smart cameras can also be used to monitor the speed of vehicles entering the logistics park, to detect illegal parking, and to send automated alerts to security teams when rules are breached.

• Secure and efficient goods management
With smart video solutions, logistics parks can create an automated, secure, and fully traceable goods management process. This supports the secure flow of goods at one site or across multiple sites and includes solutions for accurate, secure goods scanning, tracking and delivery. One example of this is the Hikvision Smart Logistics Park Solution, which incorporates all the infrastructure needs for effective and secure goods management, right from monitoring cameras to smart code readers and scanners.

By using embedded software tools, site operators can allocate an ID to every pallet or parcel, and track it through to the final delivery, along with additional features such as easily search and view video footage relating to specific pallets or parcels, and generate daily inventory reports quickly and easily.

Finally, logistics park operators can dramatically reduce fire risks in the warehouse with Hikvision. This is achieved by combining thermal cameras and smoke detectors, which alert security teams of potential fires before any damage is done.