HID Multispectral fingerprint tech conforms to highest PAD standards


The latest V-Series fingerprint modules and readers with multispectral imaging (MSI) technology from HID Global are now certified to ISO/IEC 30107-3 PAD Level 2 standards. The product detects much more sophisticated spoofing attempts based on 3D-type artefacts like those crafted from resin, latex, silicone and prosthetics and ISO 30107-3 PAD Level 2 compliance requires products successfully block 99% of spoof attempts.

HID Lumidigm V-Series products are among the few solutions that conform with the industry’s most rigorous PAD standards for fingerprint biometric technology. They also are the only ones featuring HID-patented MSI technology. MSI technology collects and compares surface and subsurface fingerprint data for both fraud-fighting spoof detection and imaging precision to reduce false rejections and speed throughput across a wider range of skin and environmental conditions.

PAD testing determines how effectively biometric technology can prevent fraudsters from gaining unauthorised access through the use of fake fingerprints, also known as spoofing. The HID Lumidigm V-Series products are already conforming to ISO/IEC 30107-3 Level 1 standards focused on more basic PAD attacks using two-dimensional images to simulate live fingerprints. Now they have also demonstrated their ability to prevent financial loss and reputational damage from more sophisticated spoofing attempts using resin, latex, silicon, prosthetics and other 3D-type artefacts.

Ibeta replicated user enrollment steps with HID’s Lumidigm products and ran a series of tests with an assortment of live subjects and spoofs made from non-living material. Successful certification required a maximum of 1 percent fraudulent match rate and past participation in at least one other PAD-type testing for the same biometric modality. HID had previously achieved PAD Level 1 conformance, which focuses on more basic presentation attacks.

The intensity of ISO 30107-3 PAD Level 2 compliance requires that products successfully block 99% of spoof attempts. During testing, the HID Lumidigm device successfully detected and rejected 100% of the fake finger attempts.