HID and Assa Abloy take airport security to new heights


HID and Assa Abloy have collaborated on an innovative project taking the travel journey to new heights – pairing self-boarding gates with advanced facial recognition technology to modernise the passenger experience.

The new self-boarding gate consists of HID’s U.Are.U camera identification system – featuring advanced facial recognition technology – and the Assa Abloy Speed Gate to enable secure and seamless passenger ID verification for boarding. With one look, travellers move effortlessly through the biometrics-enabled self-boarding gate that helps shorten wait times and reduce airline staff workload.

Facial recognition is quickly becoming a preferred method for authenticating people in high-traffic, security-intense environments. It is quick, frictionless and accurate. Elite systems, like the HID U.Are.U camera identification system, offer fast, accurate matching and reliable passive liveness detection to prevent spoofing — a critical requirement in busy areas such as airports with multiple ID checkpoints and limited attendants.

Boasting an ultra-modular design, the Assa Abloy speed gate is simple to install, and comes in a range of colours and sizes to complement almost any entrance. The speed gates also have a variety of security measures such as anti-tailgating, piggybacking and wrong way passage, and can handle high traffic volume in public areas with limited attendance.
Together, these innovative offerings alleviate many hassles and frustrations associated with air travel: long lines, human errors, poor matching rates … and replace them with reliable, swift identity verification for boarding.

The self-boarding gate system, created through the collaboration of HID and Assa Abloy, helps lift efficiencies and security while transforming the air travel experience with passenger-driven encounters. With the self-boarding gate system, a quick look is all it takes for authorised passengers to board the plane. In addition to the self-boarding feature, facial recognition transforms the overall airport experience by empowering a more secure, more convenient travel journey.

This journey starts with secure mobile check-in when an individual authenticates their ID document, such as a passport, and then matches a selfie to the ID photo to create their mobile travel credentials. The passenger then uses their face as a single token to pass through the various airport ID checkpoints – from bag drop and security screening to duty-free shopping, VIP lounge access, boarding and more.

At each ID checkpoint, HID’s AI-powered facial recognition camera matches the passenger’s face with the travel credential created at check-in for identity verification. The process can be accomplished within seconds. The camera – lauded for its matching excellence even in challenging lighting conditions – excels within airport settings where backgrounds are busy and indisputable ID verification is required.