HFSecurity X05 IRIS face recognition


The X05 Iris face recognition access control device is a type of security system that uses iris recognition technology to provide access control to a facility or area. It typically consists of a device that captures and analyses the unique pattern of the iris, which is the coloured part of the eye surrounding the pupil, to verify the identity of an individual and grant or deny access accordingly.

X05 access control devices offer advanced biometric authentication options such as fingerprint scanning, facial recognition or iris scanning. These biometric technologies provide high accuracy, prevent card punching, and secure employee identity.

X05 time and attendance access control device adopts Android operating system.

The following are some of the key advantages of the X05 face access device operating system:
● Open Source Platform: The system for X05 5″ access control uses the open source Android platform, which distinguishes it from the linux systems on the market; we provide the source code to the developers. Users are free to innovate and customise to meet their own attendance needs
● Seamless Google Integration: Users with X05 time and attendance access control can easily access Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps and other Google applications, which is very convenient for users who rely heavily on Google’s suite of services.
● Developer-friendly Environment: The X05 Android operating system provides a robust development environment for developers, including a comprehensive range of tools and resources